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The origin of the table comes from the need to place objects at a certain level from the floor. A horizontal surface for working or eating, among other purposes. Since its beginnings, it has been the most widely used piece of furniture throughout history.

One of the most important pieces of furniture socially speaking, for as many uses as you want to give it, family meetings, for working, writing, eating… It is impossible to conceive of a space without a table, of any kind, anywhere.

This piece has evolved along with the evolution of man and societies, diversifying and creating new forms and models. A curious example was the appearance, with the Romans, of the round table, thus eliminating the head of the table and giving equal importance to all the people seated at it.

Dining tables, side tables, serving carts, coffee tables, dressing tables, desks and many more can be found in our Showroom and in different materials such as wood, glass, iron, chromed iron, brass, formica, pvc. Their shapes? round, square, rectangular, oval and in fixed, extendable or folding formats.

We have all kinds of designs and styles for all kinds of necessities.