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The showcases are the perfect piece for storage and display all kinds of objects. Their main characteristic is that they are glazed, so they are a good solution to lighten the space and decorate at the same time.

This piece used to be used to show the best pieces of a house, such as porcelain dinner services, silver and other valuable objects. Their function is still the same but their purpose has changed and they allow us to use them in a variety of more functional and not so aesthetic ways.

Showcases are a window display, and as such, they say a lot about us, our personality and our tastes.

We are lovers of antique medical cabinets, so it is usually one of the models that we have more frequently. Although you can also find other models in wood or formica.

From the bathroom to the kitchen or the living room, they are beautiful pieces that for their storage capacity as well as for their aesthetics, help us to embellish the room and to make our day to day life more comfortable.