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If you are looking for a reason to put a dresser and/or chest of drawers in your life, here are 5!

Functional, they are pieces that will help you to organise your home, and thanks to their large storage capacity they are the perfect wildcard.

Versatile, in a bedroom, in the living room, in the hallway and even in the bathroom, these pieces of furniture are capable of adapting to any room.

Decorative, whatever the style you are looking for, these pieces of furniture will add a beautiful touch without taking up all the space.

Light, if you choose a dressers or chest of drawers with raised legs, it will give a feeling of lightness to the whole.

And of course, if you choose a high chest of drawers in this case, you will gain vertical space, something that is usually appreciated in spaces with less space.

At Martina Vintage we only see virtues in them and that is why in our Showroom you can find them in different materials, such as bamboo or wicker, wood and even metal to give a more industrial air and from different periods. Design, quality and beauty in the same piece.