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Couches are one of the key and most important pieces in our living room. Can you imagine a house without a couch?

It should be the first of all the elements to consider and, from it, configure the rest of the space. It is the largest piece in a living room and it says a lot about our lifestyle. But it should not only be a decorative element, it should also be a comfortable piece that invites you to relax. The couch will define the style of our living room, and its choice will depend on the square metres we have available, the colours of the surroundings and the idea of decoration we want to create.

At Martina Vintage we are very concerned about rest, which is why all our pieces, apart from a beautiful design, offer comfort.

We have a selection of Couches in our Showroom that vary in materials as well as in styles and periods, and all of them have a common denominator, comfort.