T-99 Bookcase by Estudi Blanc

T-99 Bookcase by Estudi Blanc


T-99 standing Bookcase designed by Estudi Blanc. A spectacular white lacquered piece that incorporates twelve bent sheet metal shelves and three rack profiles to fix the shelves. A shelving system that can support a weight of 75kg per linear meter, making it the ideal ally to place all our books.

A shelf of large dimensions, resistant and with a lot of storage capacity.

Versatile and easy to assemble, this piece will adapt to any space, making the most of it.

It includes eight bookends that are anchored to the structure and two more independent ones. It retains Vinçon label on one of them.

This piece shows minimal signs of use.


Measures: 214cm height x 183cm length x 37cm depth.

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