Rustic Country Table

Rustic Country Table


Antique and rustic wooden country Table. This piece has been recovered respecting its imperfections and original patina. For years it was used as a work table in an old paint shop.

This type of auxiliary kitchen furniture was a typical piece of furniture in old rural houses. Used as work tables and for making sausages, they are still going strong today. Its warm and aged appearance makes this table a special and original piece to place in different spaces, versatile and functional. They fit perfectly in rustic decorations or in spaces where we want to give a bohemian look. From a bathroom, to the kitchen or living room, or as a side table in a hallway, as many uses as our imagination allows us.

It has a central drawer with a large interior compartment and a wooden handle.

This piece shows signs of use.


Measures: 120cm long x 71cm wide x 82cm high

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