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José Martínez-Medina

José Martínez-Medina

José Martínez Medina diseñador años 60


At the age of 15, José Martínez-Medina (1919-2006) had already created his first line of furniture in the family business. He studied Fine Arts and was a member of the first class of interior designers in Valencia. With an innate gift for drawing, he traced all his designs in pencil.

In the 1950s, a chance meeting with the architect Gustavo Pulitzer marked his subsequent line and career. On the one hand, with an almost "teacher-pupil" relationship, he gave him a contract for the manufacture of furniture on large ships, and on the other hand, he helped him discover Italian design. It was Pulitzer himself who initiated the contact between Martinez-Medina and Arflex. This contact with Italian design will influence with its forms and methods, and will initiate the international projection of the company by obtaining the licence to produce and distribute in Spain brands such as Arflex, Tecno or Cappellini.

In 1961 he opened his first design shop in Valencia, where art and design shared space. It was an unprecedented success. For five years he turned the shop into a cultural reference point in the city, a meeting place where people talked about art, politics and business.

His relations and contacts with Italy did not cease, even after Pulitzer's death... the Borsani brothers (Tecno), Marco Zanuso, Cini Boeri, Franco Albini, etc.

In the 1980s he separated from his brothers to continue alone with the company, which is now run by his sons.

His designs are still so current that companies such as Punt continue to manufacture his pieces.

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