Multistrux Modular Shelving System

Multistrux Modular Shelving System

Multistrux modular shelving system manufactured by the Spanish firm Multimueble in the 1960s. This characteristic bookcase was present in all the houses of the 60s and 70s in Spain. Its pieces are made with two types of modules, some only in iron and the others in iron with a rectangular wooden board in different colours (brown, white and black were the most common).

Their originality lies in the multitude of assembly possibilities, creating structures according to your needs. Higher, lower… Designed to support weight, they are perfect as a bookcase and can fill a whole wall with them. As they are modular, they offer us the possibility of extending them over time and/or moving them from one place to another. Do we prefer them hanging on the wall? That’s another option!

This particular shelving unit has seven white shelves that work as a base and six side panels in black lacquered iron. In the photo you can see one of the many options you have to assemble it.

A very solid and practical piece.


Measures of each piece: 61cm x 22cm.