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The mirror is the decorative element par excellence. Imagine for a moment a house without mirrors, it is almost impossible.
Its many virtues make it an essential piece in our home. They bring light into the space, give greater depth and increase the spatial sensation. The optical effects that we can achieve with mirrors cannot be achieved with any other object.
Mirrors can be the perfect decorative piece to dress up a wall, even if they are simply resting on the floor. With this last solution we will not need to make holes in the wall and we will have a piece that we can easily move to another space.
In our Showroom you will find a selection of mirrors in a variety of shape and size, with large or small frames and simple lines. In wood, metal or PVC are some of our options.
A versatile object that allows us to combine it with others of different styles and get that contrast to give them prominence, to play with the effects of the reflection that they provide or simply as a functional way.
Placing a mirror at the exit of our house can be very practical. And if the space is reduced, we will be able to enlarge it.
Multiple functionalities, shapes, sizes and materials are what these pieces offer us. Impossible to resist!