L’essencial. Miguel Milá

L’essencial. Miguel Milá

An entertaining book, halfway between biography and essay. Milá talks about himself, his work, his ideas, principles and his own personal life. “A theoretical and vital legacy on how to inhabit a world in which its objects should accompany us and make our lives easier”. This is the best definition for this book, which goes beyond design. An indispensable reading for reflecting on all those objects that surround us, on their beauty and usefulness, on the “aberrations” of design…

The life and work of one of the greatest Spanish designers narrated in the first person, and whose reading not only helps us to get to know the character but also, through his vision and experiences, opens the door to reflection on many aspects of design. And, whether we agree or not, reflection is an invitation that we should never refuse.

In the words of Miguel Milá himself, “to design is to order”, and this book manages to order and synthesise in its 220 pages 88 years of history.

Published in Spanish (Lumen) and Catalan (Rosa dels Vents).


Title: “L’essencial. El disseny i d’altres coses de la vida” (220 pages.)
Author: Miguel Milá.
Publisher: Rosa dels Vents
ISBN: 978-84-17444-03-7