John Ild Shelf by Philippe Starck

John Ild Shelf by Philippe Starck

John Ild three-section Shelf designed by Philippe Starck for Disform (Diseño y Forma SA) in 1979. A completely original piece with a total of fifteen wooden shelves lacquered in grey. Its four black tubular metal rods are anchored to the wall at the top.

An iconic Bookcase, and the first one designed by Philippe Starck, whose name refers to the world of Ubik, a novel by Philip K. Dick, in which the main character finds himself trapped in a distorted world where everyday objects acquire new meanings and the line between the real and the imaginary is blurred.

Each section of the Bookshelf is meticulously designed to provide ample “display” space, perfect for our books or any object we wish to highlight.

With clean lines and geometric structure this piece brings the perfect balance between form and function.

This bookcase shows minimal signs of use.


Measures: 220cm high x 317cm long x 40cm deep