Floor Lamp by J.M. Magem

Floor Lamp by J.M. Magem

Floor Lamp designed by Josep Maria Magem for Madom. A spectacular piece with two large adjustable spotlights that stand out, not only for their size, but also for the striking combination of their black and orange colours. Its structure, lacquered in black, allows the spotlights to slide along it, thus allowing their height to be adjusted.

A large, decorative and very practical piece. Ideal as a reading spot or to create a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the intensity regulator incorporated in each spotlight, allowing the desired light to be obtained at all times.

The wiring has been checked and replaced and is in perfect working order.

If you are looking for a beautiful and attractive Lamp, you will surely fall in love with it.

This piece shows minimal signs of use.


Measures: 200cm high x 21cm Ø spotlights.