Cidonio Dining Table by Antonia Astori

Cidonio Dining Table by Antonia Astori


Cidonio dining Table designed by Antonia Astori for Cidue. Its round base and cylindrical foot in chromed steel make this table an elegant and practical piece when adding more chairs around it. The chrome has been carefully recovered, keeping the brand’s label on the top of the foot. A timeless piece, designed in the 1960s, which incorporates a 15mm clear round glass top for consistency and robustness. The central part has a circumference in mirror finish, one of the most peculiar and characteristic details of this table.

In summary, we can say that this piece stands out for its versatility and strength, allowing it to be adapted to any decorative style and to any room, from a living room to a meeting room.

It presents logical signs of use in the glass.


Measures: 73’5cm H x 130cm Ø (71cm Ø base)

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