Chairs. Historia de la silla

Chairs. Historia de la silla

A book in where Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, journalist and historian, synthesises and analyses in a pedagogical and masterly way, the history of one of the most produced objects throughout the ages, the chair.

The origin of the book dates back to 2007, when Andreu World published Chairs on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Updated and expanded, it presents, in 16 carefully illustrated chapters, a journey through the master creations that have marked a before and after in the history of industrial design. “The history of the chair is a settled story that nevertheless grows every year. It is not rewritten, it simply grows.

Today we are not fooling ourselves and we already know that the perfect chair, understood as the most complete, is a myth. It does not exist, nor will it ever exist. It is the same as with people: there are no perfect ones and what we have to do is choose the virtues or reject the defects”.

A book that we recommend you read, reread and enjoy.


Title: Chairs. History of the Chair (144 pp.)
Author: Anatxu Zabalbeascoa
Publisher: Gustavo Gili
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9788425231162