BIOK Chest of Drawers

BIOK Chest of Drawers

Beautiful chest of drawers in Caoba wood (Sipo) designed by Biok, a company founded in Irun in the 60s, with Nestor Basterretxea, a pioneer of Basque industrial design, as one of its founders.

This beautiful piece consists of eight drawers, four on each side, with beautiful handles also in wood, creating a nice aesthetic balance.

A piece of furniture that not only provides us with practicality due to its storage capacity, but also warmth and beauty. Its curved lines, characteristic of Basterretxea’s designs, make its pieces emanate elegance and delicacy.

Design, quality and beauty come together in this chest of drawers.

It shows minimal signs of use.


Measures: 80cm high x 125cm long x 43cm depth