Antique Cinzano Oak Desk

Antique Cinzano Oak Desk

Oak Desk, originally from the ancient owners of the Cinzano house in Barcelona. A restored piece preserving all its original charm. With two lateral drawer units of three drawers each one and brass handles, it is a comfortable and spacious table for working. The upper central drawer has no key, but it opens and closes easily. Its raised legs make this desk visually lighter despite its size.

It retains the automatic closing system for the drawers, typical of this type of antique desk, with two upper supports to expand the space, also characteristic of these pieces. The wooden top has been restored to its original patina and is a darker shade than the rest of the table, offering a nice contrast.

A beautiful piece that will add a touch of warmth to any room.


Measurements: 78cm height x 130cm length x 70cm depth.

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